Championing spring.


This winter vortex situation is really killing my vibe. Some days I step outside and it's 21 degrees and other times I'm shedding all of my sweaters after 12pm because it's so warm. Where is the sun? Where are the birds? And my chocolate Easter bunny!? I just can't wait for the ease of spring. Being able to step outside and live life outdoors after being cooped up for months. Feeling the breeze on my pale winter skin. These photos were taken on a sunny but definitely not warm day in Nashville but this outfit had me feeling light and breezy. I think it's amazing how sometimes the clothes you wear can really help your mental state towards a sunnier disposition. Or maybe that's just me? These pants are magically comfy, with a warn in feel. The fabric is 100% cotton. not heavy nor light. I'll have to be careful not to wear them every day for the rest of my life. The top I'm wearing is light and delicate and I feel like a friggin' flower in it so, yeah...I think I'm winning the war on winter. Just a few more weeks in coat jail and then all things light and airy! I'm so ready.


Pants: Hackwith Design House

Top: Hackwith Design House 

Mules: Madewell

Courtesy of FOUND

Photography: Christie Dupree